Once Again “You might be an SEO if…”

Skitzzo at SeoRefugee.com started another SEO fun game gathering the Seo blogers to post their views on “You Might Be an SEO If…“. I remember we had a similar discussion once for our “Weekend Wackiness part Two:” at www.SeoRefugee.com. I must say some of the posts made me laughing like anything and I still love reading it. Again there is a new thread as a part of the blog by skitzzo is started and you may love reading it here. All these stuffs make you addicted to this Forum, and yeah, as I am.

So here we go:

You might be an SEO if:

  1. You start your day checking the Google alerts instead of a newspaper.
  2. You name your child only after checking whether the domain name is available or not.
  3. You will always bug your mom asking why you can’t start a blog about what you cook.
  4. You will offer a kiss for each link your girlfriend gets to your blog and on a 100 you offer an outing.
  5. You keep speakers in your bathroom and will be hearing the latest SEO pod casts.
  6. You will search in Google for [Shall I kiss her today?] on your date.
  7. You know each URL of your websites but you often forget your nephews’ names.
  8. You love Spiders and you love to get crawled.
  9. You stick the pictures on your walls WITHOUT FRAMES.
  10. On each mass you pray, Oh God! Make them read my Flash content.
  11. When your kid comes to ask you “Dad, where is the North Pole located?” and you say let me Google it and tell you.

Let me tag Jrothra, Ekstreme, Skitzzos_pop, Lisa Ditlefsen and Sorvoja.

3 thoughts on “Once Again “You might be an SEO if…”

  1. Hehe, I especially like #2 and #9.

    Too bad that I wasn’t a die-hard SEO yet, when I named my kids. (Or when I decided to frame my first website LOL)

  2. LOLz…. happy to see you here mate…. 🙂

    I think you must be having much more to point out… waiting for your post… on this…

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