Latest: Yahoo! Says No Use for Meta Keywords Tag – But Danny Says They Lie

It seems the cremation of Meta Keywords tag is not so far. Yahoo! declares today that they also have stopped using it from past few months from their search ranking algorithm. This news has just broken out in the current SMX East in the ASK the Search Egines session. More details has to be out yet, but this is quite interesting as recently Matt Cutt – the spoke person at Google – commented on Google’s stand on meta keywords tag. The Meta Keywords Tag, We Don’t Use It: Matt Cutts (Google)

Thanks a lot Barry Schwartz for sharing this live from SMX. Waiting to hear more on this.

Update: On a latest post from Danny Sullivan claims it’s a false update by the Yahoo! representative. In his post in Search Engine Land, he claims to have proved it. Read him at ‘Sorry, Yahoo, You DO Index The Meta Keywords Tag‘. So guys, Test it your own and don’t go blind on assumptions. Good Luck.

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