Yahoo added “My Sites” to Site Explorer

On August 08th, this year, Yahoo added a new option to its Site Explorer page, i.e; “My Site”. And I found loads are shown interest in reading more and to know what way they can make the full cream out of that. So here are the details of Yahoo Site Explorer from the starting date, each major updates with the features described.

September 29, 2005The Launch

I hope most of us remember when they launched the Site Explorer last year (September 29, 2005), the tool was providing three different services as listed.

  • Show all subpages within a URL indexed by Yahoo!
  • how inlinks indexed by Yahoo! to a URL
  • Submit missing URLs to Yahoo!

December 06, 2005 – First Major Update

After that, the major update was on December 06, 2005, when they started accepting Site Submissions, in various formats. On the same time they’d introduced serveral country specific versions – such as Argentina, Australia & NZ, Brazil , Canada (English and French), France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Spain and UK as part of the Services and Tools.

August 08th, 2006 – The Latest Update

Then here comes, the Latest updates for the Site Explorer on this August 08th, 2006, which added site information tracking tools inside. Now you can add your sites to track, once they get verified, yahoo provides more Information on them. Here are the new additions:

  • More information about sites you own, including:
    • Last Crawled Date and Language for your Site URLs
    • Subdomains of your site
  • Feed submissions are much smoother. You can submit RSS, Atom and URL lists, and manage all of them from one place. For authenticated sites, you can also track when they were submitted and processed.
  • UpdateNotification Web Service to notify us of feed or site updates, part of the suite of Site Explorer APIs you already know and love. Since these return the same data as the tool, we recommend using them for automated applications.

A Word from the Author:

So probably trying to hold the market competing with the Google Sitemap, Yahoo is moving on with this new tool. Let us see how webmasters are responding to this and the coming days I hope there will be more discussions on this.

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