Some Thoughts on Yahoo!’s Acquisition of MyBlogLog

This week I was playing with MyBlogbLog – I’d signed up sometimes back but only caught my attention when I saw some visits from there. That made me digging more about that and found it cool, I mean way too cool. I heard some are worried about the non-secure feelings of going along with MyBlogLog in their Blogs. The sign up means we are making our stats open to the MyBlogLog team, even though they have assured about the same in the Privacy Policy. They provide you details like your Top pages, Visitors, there Clicks and similar stuffs if you added the JS code to your blog and it’s obvious that you are giving them access to these data. So one quick question, Do you think is that the reason why Yahoo! acquired MyBlogLog?

Yeah, this month earlier there was an official confirmation from Yahoo! that they have acquired the blog community legend. So I think my question was obvious, do they have any intension to have the Blog Stats for Research purpose? Who knows, but I was never worried to signup for Google Analytics, so why do I now?

All that has changed with MyBlogLog, the Orlando-based company that has quickly built a thriving social network of blog publishers and readers. You’ve probably heard the rumors and I’m here to confirm that Yahoo! has agreed to acquire the assets of MyBlogLog, and aside from loving the product and the team, we think this move complements Yahoo’s social media and community initiatives perfectly. – says Chad Dickerson

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand has also pointing about a similar kind of question about the Security of Adding the MyBlogLog code inside.

First, putting the code up means that MyBlogLog will understand everything that’s going on within your web site. So if you don’t want them knowing your top pages, visitors and so on, don’t use the code. It’s not required to have a community. But without it, it’s harder to build that community. You certainly can’t display the faces of your members without it. – Danny Sullivan

As I mentioned earlier, I think it is okay to signup for those who are really not cared about open source the stats to MyBlogLog. It is proving me some traffic to – here you can find community over there, and also you can find my profile too. There I found more and more familiar faces from SEO community and the overall feeling was “wow”!

See a sample screenshot below and don’t you feel like getting your face also get displayed over here, as I Do?

MyBlogLog Sample Screenshot

A word from the Author:

Since I am not in the pro version I can’t have the live stats reports – but for that I have other known tools, so I am not really worried about that. At MyBlogLog, I am not much worried about the reports they provide, but to see how the Community reactions over and I can have individual action tracking, sheesh…

4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Yahoo!’s Acquisition of MyBlogLog

  1. Yeah, Sorvoja… But is that because of the stats report they provide or anything more for a better community build…? Can you please put some light on it, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. I’m not sure if gathering blog stats is one of Yahoo’s major priorities in acquiring MyBlogLog. But one obvious thing is that MyBloglog is certainly a great addition to their already large community / social networking web properties. I’m sure most Internet experts / marketers are already feeling Yahoo’s whole direction is shifting towards social networking or social search.

  3. Yeah.. they are already moved a lot in the social bookmarking world, see the acquired site names in their yahoo! network., Upcoming, Flicker and now MyBlogLog. I am not sure about their motive behind the MyBlogLog acquisition but just only pointed out a CHANCE. They aren’t planning on making any immediate changes to the MyBlogLog website, distribution or branding. But the stats are accessible to them, why not a research study?

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