Upgrading to WordPress 2.1 and the Headspace2 plugin Hack

I was doing the upgrade to WordPress 2.1 – the latest version get launched last week -for virtueseo.com/seo-blog. Since the upgrade has to be done on the Live Server, I had to be a little cautious about each of the steps. Hope you were remembering my post on “How to test WordPress in your Local machine?” so, upgrading the WordPress part went cool. But the Plugins I’ve installed for the previous version I was getting bugs. Most of them went cool once I upgrade each of them with their latest versions. But still I was getting some warning messages for my Headspace2 plugin which I used to handle the Meta description and keywords on each page.

These were the errors get displayed above the header of each individual posts/pages.

  • Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. in /home/content/h/m/o/hmorandell/html/inmyplace.info/wp-content/plugins /headspace2/headspace.php on line 368
  • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/h/m/o/hmorandell/html/inmyplace.info/wp-content/plugins /headspace2/headspace.php on line 412
  • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/h/m/o/hmorandell/html/inmyplace.info/wp-content/plugins /headspace2/headspace.php on line 418

I became too worried about finding a solution immediately since I don’t want to have any errors get showed at www.virtueseo.com/seo-blog and my viewers to get upset. So first I had to disable it and check for a how to fix that. When I went to their support pages I found they have mentioned it explicitly that Headspace2 is made for WP 2 and will not be compatible with other versions. Then I forced to look for another alternatives which will go with my WordPress 2.1. I tried the “WordPress Plugin Compatibility 2.1” page to see anything which will do the same job but compatible to WP 2.1. But unfortunately whichever I found there weren’t that flexible as my previous Headspace2.

Then I tried to figure out how to fix the bugs with Headspace2 since I was happy with that and none of the alternatives listed there. And at last one simple solution i figured out to get rid off that bug and just thought of posting about so that anyone who is in worry about the bug may find it helpful.

The solution became – for me it was not until I figured what to do – simple for you now. Open the headspace.php file in any of the editors and just find and replace all the instances of get_post_meta to (array)get_post_meta.

A Word from the Author:

I am feeling peace of mind now.

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