Some Usability Thoughts on World Usability Day…!

Ever thought about Usability? Ever wondered about why the visitors are exiting the site without completing the goal? Then it’s time to learn about Website Usability. Today is World Usability Day and here is your Birthday Gift as some Usability Thoughts for the day.

World Usability Day is an annual event that highlights the fact that millions of people around the world encounter technology problems every day, and so promotes the work that user experience professionals do to make technology easier to use.

What is Website Usability?

Simply, Usability means the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which specified users can achieve specified goals in a particular environment. In related to a Website, Usability is the user experience in navigating an interface, locating information, and obtaining knowledge over the Internet. Not really making sure about everything on the site works, but making sure how quickly and easily your visitors are able to reach the goal.

Factors defining the Usability:

Website Usability is not a single factorial measurement but based on five different major component factors are present:

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  • Ease of Learning: How fast can a first time visitor learn your interface design and perform basic tasks.
  • Ease of Use: Once a user get experienced with your interface, how fast s/he can finish a task.
  • Memorability: After a period of time not visiting your website, how fast a returning user can recollect the interface experience and get a task done. If s/he is taking time again to learn it from the start, it’s really a mess.
  • Frequent Errors and Severity: The frequency and repeating errors are also a vital factor in Website Usability. The Severity demands immediate actions which depends on how often visitors makes them and how easy they do recover from them.
  • Satisfaction: The rate of Satisfaction a User gets before leaving from your Website.

There can be more factors which are also having importance in defining the Usability of your website. As an emerging science, Usability has a lot of things to do in this current web system.

The Importance of Usability in a Websites:

If you analyze the above components thoroughly, you could see that these are the vital factors which affect your Website Conversion very much. Current surveys reveal that Online Users are very less tolerant on messy designs and complicated Websites.

Remember in Web, each decision comes within SECONDS, your Website may loose 100s of your potential visitors just by having an annoying pop-up or an eye-paining header image. If your Website is not browser compatible, your visitors leave. If your Navigation is a mess, visitors leave. If visitors found any difficulties to locate something, they leave. If you have a very long sign-up page, a good percentage of your visitors leave without going for that. And there are many more reasons for them to leave from your site.

Do you really want them to leave without a smile?

A Word from the Author:

It’s time to hire a Usability expert for your Website if you are seeing more than 60% of your visitors are leaving within 0-30Secs. A perfect Combination of SEO, Web Analytics and Usability can do Magic within your website. There are loads of ways to evaluate your Website Usability experience like online surveys, collective experiments, stimulated user groups etc. depending on the Website customer niche and the resources you have. Based on those information a Usability Expert can build the right action plans for your Website Usability thus improve your customer satisfaction. Happy World Usability Day………!!!

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