The Importance of Visitor Segmentation in Web Analytics

What is Visitor Segmentation?

Segmentation is a marketing technique which involves grouping audiences into segments and treating each segment separately for promotional purposes. In Web Analytics, Visitor Segmentation stands for segmenting your visitors to certain pre defined groups and tracks them to study segmented behaviors / performance of your Websites.

Visitor Segmentation Analysis is a vital part in most of the web analytics routine and followed by the experts. This will get you more insights about the classified user behaviors and that will let you capable of taking pr�cised actions on rescuing the site.

Some examples are:

  • New and Returning Visits: This is a basic segmentation technique, which allows you to track how much % of your daily visits are New and/or Returning.
  • Visitors from Certain Campaigns: This will give you exact number of Visits from a certain Campaign � can be from your paid campaigns or any Banner ad or whatever – and the conversion details. And thus a better study on the effectiveness of those campaigns.
  • Geographical segmentation: Visits from different geographical regions get segmented and this will give you better picture with a comparison graph.
  • Visits from a certain Landing page: if you have a promotional banner on a particular page and you want to track how many of your visitors move on to that banner and registered.

Similar way you can define your segmentations according to your site business goals. Either way you can directly track from the registration details or using Cookies or query strings. There are lots of ways to implement the visitor segmentation in your websites with the help of web analytics experts.

Why you need Visitor Segmentation in Web Analytics?

As from the example mentioned above, it�s clear that the range of information you can dig from the visitor segmentation is really large and vital to your websites. We all accepted that nothing other than a well organized web analytics tracking can give you the accurate data about your website visits or hits. Visitor Segmentation gives you more accuracy on those details by segmenting them into more clearer classified data and thus you get clearer while creating action plans.

How you can Implement Visitor Segmentation?

Most of the current Web Analytics tools provide basic/advanced Visitor Segmentation reports by default � depends on whether they are free or paid ones. For example the free Web Analytics service from Google � Google Analytics � comes with over 80 predefined reports. Advanced Visitor Segmentation adds eighteen predefined segments for further drill-down into any of these reports, such as geographic location and new versus returning visitors.

See a small screenshot from Google Analytics which shows about the various Visitor Segmentation reports they provide free to your sites:

Visitor Segmantation GA

You can have customized Visitor Segmentation also, depending on the Web Analytics tool you are using the method of tracking may vary. A Web Analytics expert can give you more insight on this and get this Visitor Segmentation done for your websites in-house.

A Word from the Author:

Hope you got the importance of implementing Visitor Segmentation in your Web Analytics routine and thus improving the performance dramatically with a clear picture. There are more amazing stuffs in Web Analytics such as this, it�s a happy sign to see more and more established forms are building Web Analytics teams in-house and started approaching this with more seriousness nowadays.

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