Track Google Supplemental Results

UPDATE: “This Hack no longer exists” 

Supplemental Results, this word is a little bit annoying one, ‘especially after the deploy of BigDaddy and the [] search bugs in Google. Ever wonder a way to track the Supplemental results for your site in Google? Here is the simpler and suggested way with a new search command.

How to track Supplemental Results?

Simply do a search with [ ***] in Google and this will show you the Supplemental Result pages from your site as the results. If you are looking for a tool to track the same results in different datacenters here you can get that.

A Word from the Author:

There are discussions going on at SeoMoz and cre8asiteforums about this new search hack for google. Am not sure about the datacenter list is a complete one or covering the major ones, but I liked the tool very much and I hope you too.

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