Some Simple Thoughts on Google Trends

Today, I found an interesting article about the Search trends in different countries. The report is published in with the title ‘Indians want sex from Google, Germans look for Hitler‘. They prepared the report based on the Google Trends search where they have found the following stats:

  1. Egypt, India and Turkey are the top 3 searchers for the term ‘sex’.
  2. Germany, Mexico and Austria were world’s top 3 for the word ‘Hitler’ where for ‘Nazi’ it goes to Chile, Australia and the United Kingdom respectively.
  3. ‘Jihad’ – Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan.
  4. ‘Terrorism’ – Pakistan, Philippines, Australia
  5. Hangover – Ireland, United Kingdom, United States
  6. ‘Iraq’ – United States, Australia, Canada
  7. ‘Taliban’ – Pakistan, Australia, Canada
  8. ‘Tom Cruise’ – Canada, United States, Australia
  9. “Britney Spears” – Mexico, Venezuela, Canada
  10. ‘Love’ – Philippines, Australia, United States.

I used to do some researches in this area as part of my keyword research and for analyzing a niche market. The above news report is good as it may evoke some interests among the readers, introducing a new area such as Google trends. Of course for Internet savvy like us, this is not a new stuff, but for the common people – that doesn’t mean we are not common – . Also, sad to say but I ‘d experiences with some of the SEO experts who never had tried Google trends even for a single time as part of their job. Of course, they are good at many other areas but I felt most of them are following a traditional way of SEO. Still they are worried about their toolbar pageRank, Link building Campaigns, and spending 6hours a day in Directory submissions.
What Google Trends shows?
Google trends gives you the historical search trend on your search words and at a time you can search for 5 different search phrases to compare. When you see a hike in the search volume for a particular search term, Google Trends gives you a hint on what could made it happened at the right hand panel.
For e.g.
“google (Click to view enlarged picture)
As you see there were hikes in search volume around November 2006, and Google tries to hint you about Why? By showing a popular news story in the right hand side pane, ‘Britney Spears files for Divorce’. Similarly for rest of the up trends, Google gives you hints based on the Top news story on the search term. If you closely look into the above graph you can see there are two segment for the same. One represents the entire Web search volume and the second one represents for the News search volume.
Apart from this graph, Google Trends gives you a Region, City and Language wise trend analysis on the search term.
How can you make use of Google Trends?
Or the above question can be ‘How Google Trends help you in decision making?’ No matter what kind of job you are indulge in with, if you are interested in analyzing the World wide trend upon a certain topic | product | event or anything, you can use Google Trends. Most of the times when you see an increase in the Web search volume you can see a directly proportional hike in the News search trends. But there are some topics which are not really HOT in the news media but HOT in the web searches.
google trends sample 2 (Click to view enlarged picture)

See the above trend search for ‘xmas gift’, as you can see a clear hike for the search volume around the month December every year. This is a good example for analyzing the seasonal markets. If you are running an website for Xmas Gift your majority of the sale will be happening around the month of December.

Another Example for Seasonal Search Trends:
See the below screen shot for the search trends on certain fruits:

As you can see these fruits are seasonal ones and from different seasons.
Grapes – Fall
Oranges – Winter
Plums – Summer
Pineapple – Spring

If you closely look into the yearly trends you can see the hikes are corresponding to the seasons which they belongs to. If you are selling fruits, these informations are vital for you to balance your income and to run a successful business.
More on this Google Trends gives you Regional and City wise information on the above trends:

As you see the trend differences based on country wise and city wise both. These informations are vital if you are dealing with exporting/importing fruits. See there is a huge search volume for ‘pineapple’ in UK comparing to India. Comparatively less searches for Plum in these listed countries. Can you take a decision now?
An additional Note:
As you see at the bottom of the above screen shot, the trend is sorted by the search trends of ‘Pineapple’. If you change that to ‘pineapple’, you can see the differences in the Country, City Trends.

As you see there is a total change in the regions and Cities names. Now you got the Trick, I hope.
Another hint: Use of Google Trends and your Traffic Stats:
Before getting experienced with Google Trends I used to worry about ‘Why my traffic goes down last month?’ and sometimes I see a huge traffic comes in without much promotions. When I start analyzing the Search Trends of my search terms, I could see a drop or hike in the overall search Trends relatively proportional to the Search Traffic which I receive.
Some other Search trends examples:

A Word from the Author:
I am not an expert in this area, so here I just tried to share some of the points which I felt worth to share. As part of the market/keyword analysis I use these data to make some decisions comparing with other trend analysis data from various other sources. Based on my small experiences, these information are vital for me to take some critical decisions on which country to target and which month I should expect more sales. Of course, when your boss or client asks why a drop? You can always take the help from Google Trends. Feel free to put your valid comments and thoughts using the comment box and that may help we both to learn and expertise.

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