Some Thoughts on Enterprise Website Linking After Reading Rand

Today I was reading a post in SeoMoz about “Link Building strategies for Enterprise sites” some thoughts get clouded in my mind. He was talking about huge sites with more than 10,000 pages and how to distribute the Link Juice well for the best results. But he is not taking us any deeper about the ways but only opened a chance letting us discuss on them.

From the same post I got another interesting link which talks about a cool way to track the Internal / External Link counts for each of your pages from your Logs – “Mining your Server Logs”:- Hamlet Batista. That is somethnig new for my knowledge and I bet most of us feel the same while reading his post. That is a kind of new blog, as he said its just started rolling from last Friday. Anyway I am expecting more interesting stuffs to read from him.

About the post he did about Mining your Server Logs, I felt a bit hard to follow some technical processes he mentioned, such as creating Matrix, mapping the URLs with IDs and all. He promised simplifying more about these steps in his upcoming posts and I am just waiting to read them.

About the External / Internal Linking in your site I found Google WebmasterCentral has some helpful figures which you can depend on to build strategies. I’d posted about a hack for the WebmasterCentral Link Report making it more useful by extracting the Link Texts and PageRank of each links in that. Exporting that information is also a good starting document for building your Link Juice spreading strategies.

In the original post Rand was talking about Enterprise Websites which has 10,000 to millions of pages. In that case Segmentation is the best way to go with. For such a big site of course there will be multiple subsections which can be standalone micro-sites – site within a site. In that case each Segment will have Own Navigational structure along with a Global Navigation option. In that case restructuring the Internal Links will not be a pain comparing with a non-segmented Enterprise site.

In such large established sites I would assume most of the traffic directly falls on inner pages than a great percentage entered through homepage like in small websites. There will be a good number of Inner pages which receives great traffic – may be more than the homepage. So you have more flexibility make use of them to link to those non-performing pages instead of worrying about the Reach from homepage. Segment the cluster of non-performing pages surrounding such well-performing pages will give you a great opportunity for spreading the link juice.

Word from the Author:

For each websites based on their structure and current performance you can find more efficient ways to deal this situation. In this post I just try to share some of my thoughts assuming some generic points on what an Enterprise site would be. Anyway its something which caught my eye on it since currently I am dealing with moderately large sites. I will be posting some more on this whenever I get a chance to experiment and learn anything new.

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