Submit to DMOZ, I Got Mine Listed

It was Sorvoja who threw an alert to us at – my Favorite SEO Forum – about Submitting to DMOZ – the Open Directory -, last month. But still on those days, DMOZ was not fully ready to accept submissions, they were facing some major down times and changes inside. So that caused some huge discussions all over the Webmaster forums and probably you too must have gone through some. Anyway, that made us vigilant about the chances and I hope now IT IS THE TIME. Why do I think so? The answer is is now listed in DMOZ. Yeah, that’s something made me happy and I hope after reading my experiences you will say cheers to me.

What was going on in DMOZ?

All I could say, there was some Major changes going on inside DMOZ. Obviously there was some issues with the corruption and abuse – reported one such incident long back – “DMOZ Editor get Banned” -. According to some of the existing editors, they re-built the Editors community, rearranged everything, stopped accepting new submissions and some of the Categories were not even available too. Major down time we met, the non viewed queues are get deleted, and everything expected to start over again. This is what the hints I could collect from the talks I found at various forums.
So we assumed that this is the Right time to Re/submit the websites.

We were watching it so closely and we found earlier this month DMOZ opened for the Editors login. That news spread out through the community, and we became more cautious about the happenings. Still some of the Categories we had been monitoring were still not ready to accept the Submissions.

Then on 13th January, Mano70 – one of the respected member at SeoRefugee and the owner of alerted that the Submission is open. On the same day I submitted to a Category in which I felt it will fit best. I was hoping to the best this time and kept watching others comments too.

Yesterday, I mean on 17th January I found a visitor from the Editor section of DMOZ. (See this is why I was discussing about Why Web Analytics is Important for your Website and Tracking Visitor Details for your Website – Vol I) Anyway that made my curiosity to its peak. I analyzed the stay length and page views but was not much hopeful. I was wondering whether they do it like that or was not so impressed? Since we have very little clue about their Editors guidelines and checklists the only available option was to wait.

And Today within 24Hrs time, I found is listed at DMOZ. All these took almost 5 Days to get my site Listed into DMOZ.

A Word from the Author:

We used to hear Months and Years when we asked about Dmoz submissions to the experts earlier. Now it is not the case. So do it right away and you will get listed if you follow their Submission guidelines correctly. Don’t worry about your previous submissions, do it fresh and hope for the best.

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