Sorry About the Down Time

Readers, I am extremely sorry about the inconvenience due to the unexpected downtime happened to Even I too get shocked when I saw the Message from my hosting providers saying ‘check with the Billing or Support’, I swear, it was really annoying. When I checked with them, they said, due to exceeded number of Hits to this site they did so. Currently is in a shared hosting and those increased number of Hits are affecting other sites in the server, they said. I got it confirmed that its not the Space or Bandwidth issue, but they got a calculations on number of Hits – which was never in the scene when I took the hosting, sigh!

I am not directly dealing with those guys, so I am not having the full details. I have to say thanks to Bala, who played a remarkable role, dealing with the hosting provider and to get live back. Thanks mate…!

I am seriously thinking about changing my hosting, now. I will make sure this won’t happen again, thanking you all for your kind supports.

2 thoughts on “Sorry About the Down Time

  1. sorry to hear that. Some tips before moving your website. Do no ever tell your current web hosting provider about it. If they found it out, they will cut off your website immediately, it happen to my friend before.

  2. thanks zaki….

    Hmm.. They treated me like that.. and that made me think about shifting. I care my readers and I don’t want this happen anymore.

    Anyway I am keeping it on hold for now.

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