A thought on the “SEO vs PPC The Classic Debate…”

This is a quick note on the on-going debate of “SEO vs PPC The Classic Debate…” at the famous Yahoo webanalytics Groups. One point from Ron caught my interest and thought of posting my thoughts on it. Thanks Nancy – Nabler Web Analytics Blog – for sharing this thread to kichus.

Ron was talking about the importance of having PPC and Oganic listings together to get the maximum out from your efforts based on his valid experiences. I agree with him on the following part as followed, since I have experienced the same and implemented the strategy of bidding for the Sponsored listings even when we are listed at the top of our targeted Organic SERPs.

I recall seeing stats that said that for similar positions in the search engines for every click you get from PPC you get x2 clicks from a natural position. And if you have both positions you get x6 clicks.Obviously these stats would vary widely depending on circumstances, industry, etc. – Ron

Yeah, the disclaimer is there that the trend may vary on circumstances, but it is proven to have better results by competing in both – the Organic and by PPC.

But on a later point I am having a little objection, – I am not sayig any disagreements since it could be a wrong interpretation of mine on what he exactly tried to explain there. Anyway I will try to explain a little bit based on my small experiences.

>>However I can verify that when starting a PPC campaign, your SEO traffic will increase without any SEO effort what so ever. I have seen this happen many times.0

I never experienced that the results are DIRECTLY related, I mean if we do adwords, we will improve in Google Organic SERPs. But I am not denying the chances of Indirect impacts on running PPC campaigns over your Organic Results. Let me explain a bit.

A sample chance is: more traffic is coming from PPC–>>More Popularity–>> More referral Links.


More traffic –>> more popularity –>> more social bookmarks | articles | press releases | Blogs–>> etc…

And the after effects are better Organic positions. I hope this as convincing, obviously you can comment on these and correct me, and you are most welcomed to.

Some more thoughts on PPC and Organic SEO:

PPC is something where the traffic is assured, – make sure the Traffic Source is relevant – and we have the deciding power to land them on a selected page and convert them.

But in Organic, we can only predict upon the researches and analysis on Trends and better you do that, more chances are there to get the Right traffic on the Right page, but only chances.

With the combination we will get better hold on the web. Time is a major factor and that’s the advantage of PPC. But once you reached the threshold to get listed in the Organic results with the right strategy, the greater ROI comes from there, since it’s Free and still targeted traffic.

A good strategy means, suppose you have a site on [web hosting]. You are confident enough that if somebody seeking for [web hosting] get landed on your page you can Convert them. And you are having Budget to bid for say $5.00 per click. Go with PPC and get them converted and if you make even $6.00 per visit, that’s a success. Along with that, you target [best wordpress webhosting in India] [Search engine friendly web hosting] kind of secondary keyword in the organic and slowly get established to compete the main targeted niche of [web hosting]. It will take TIME and efforts but still you are doing the Business with PPC, and once you established you can lower the investment in PPC and can still get conversions from Organic.

A bad strategy is, you directly start targeting [web hosting] in the Organic search and ignoring the benefits of PPC – you are capable of investing, I must say – . And even with the massive hard work and time invested, it may take huge time to get listed due to the massive and established competition.

A word from the Author:

Hope I conveyed my points without leaving you in confusion. But always there is a way to resolve the problems and here you can find it at the bottom as the comment box. Feel free to comment your valid thoughts or doubts regarding the above points, much appreciated that. If you are more interested in reading the Full debate over SEO and PPC, feel free to join the yahoo group for Web Analytics and is always recommended.

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