Selling SEO in Ready-to-Eat packages

Is that the way it should be? I really get disappointed when I get queries like ‘What all you offer in your Basic SEO package?’ or ‘Let us see your service packages’. I can’t blame them, they have already tons of so called ready-to-eat SEO proposals on their desk.

Let me ask you one question?
Do you prefer a doctor who prescribe medicines without doing any check-up?

Unfortunately we have to accept that there are doctors who sells magic cure medicines’ for all diseases. Similarly we have hell lot of SEO firms who sells SEO as ready-to-implement packages. That’s market, which one to choose, you can decide, in fact it’s your life and your website.

What you should expect from an SEO Proposal?
Let the Search Engine Optimizer do a SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses Opportunities/Threats) Analysis over the website to meet the requirements. Based on the analysis, prepares an implementation plan which make sure the website meets the Search Engine guidelines and promoting the website competing in its niche market. The proposed plan should be based on the competing niche and current opportunities of the website.

The Proposal should tailor the requirement and the possibility of your website. How can you expect a 25 directory submission can get your website ranked? And its crazy even seeing ‘we will optimize 20 pages in the website’, no matter the website contains thousand of pages already. Without even checking how many page are existing, or how many pages we can produce more and how to utilize it, they are proposing 20 pages to optimize.

I am not here to oppose anyone nor expecting any changes to that. But I just want to tell you, please understand that SEO is not a ready-to-implement sort of stuff. You can’t follow same strategies for two different websites, or at least from my small experience, it’s not the suggested way of doing.

Please feel free to share your thoughts as comments.

5 thoughts on “Selling SEO in Ready-to-Eat packages

  1. I couldn’t agree more. But it’s a game that we have to play. We are catering to business owners that are so trained in the idea of pre-compiled packages, that anything else would seem odd.

    In print, I always opt for the “starting at:” phrase. Even though it’s the absolute lowest possible amount I would charge (like for a 5 page brochure site for a dog groomer in Middleburg, FL) it still prevents the not-so-serious visitor from contacting me. If you aren’t willing to pay my starting at prices, you’re definitely not going to like my quote.

    If someone contacts me knowing where I stand, then I know right off that they are remotely serious about the endeavor, and allows me to discuss the service and benefits before we even think about pricing.

    It’s worked OK so far.

  2. Yes, Josh.

    What I am worried about the approach. When a website owner approaches us with his SEO requirement, we might not be provided with the actual requirements. Since we are the experts here, its our duty to get the required details about the website and his actual needs.

    There is no meaning expecting the details from the website owner, without convincing him, why you need all these details. They approach us without much knowing it in deep.
    I agree that when you sell SEO services, caring each requirements and spending more time to educate is not practical. But that doesn’t excuse reverting back with a proposal which is not matching with the possibilities of that website.

    I am not opposing the seo packages offered in a website, but the proposals provided without customizing it to match up with the possibilities.

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