A Second Part for the Page Link Experiment from Michael Vandemar

As a second part of the Page Linking Experiment, Michael has started another version of this to check whether an added ‘nofollow’ scenario to the fist experiment condition. The first experiment was to prove that Google only considers the first link it finds to a specific page from a URL. The origin of all these experiments is a thread at SEORefugee.com forum which you can find here.

Up on a query from Pops – one of the Admins at the SEORefugee.com forum – http://www.seorefugee.com/forums/showthread.php?p=68057 – Michael started another test to get the answer for what Pops asked.

You can find more about his experiments and the results here at: Single Source Page Link Test Using Multiple Links With Varying Anchor Text – Part Two

A Word from the Author:
I am still waiting for the results for a similar test which I’d started last week- An Interesting Backlink Experiment in Google. Its glad to have more and more such experiments from all the experts instead of simply repeating the same as what we read in Forums. Experiments sometimes make us realize we were wrong, and to move on to the right. Thanks Michael for conducting this experiment.

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