“No Adsense Ads”, says WordPress Blog

Today i was just searching for something with adsense and my wordpress blog, I was shocked to know that the blogs at wordpress aren’t allowed to have Adsense inside. I should have checked that before itself, but I wasn’t expecting a ”No No” like this. Since Google Adsense has been approved, I think they are unaware about the wordpress policies.

WordPress Says:

We currently don’t allow Adsense or other JS ad code on the site, though we probably will in the future. However right now it is keeping sploggers (spam bloggers) from exploiting WP.com and only a few legit users have asked for it.

We’ll announce when you’ll be able to add Adsense or Yahoo or Chitika to your templates.

A Word from the Author:

The main issue they are worried about the Spam, and yeah…it’s bad when it hits bad. Me too agree with that, but what i am thinking is Google has it’s own way to eliminate spam and WordPress too. So Spamming in a wordpress blog with adsense is a pretty difficult task – since you have to beat two big entities like WP and Google Adsense. So it’s my humble request to the WordPress Admins to please review the decision so that you will get potential contributers and thus we both can have the benefits.

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