Webmaster Central Changes User Interface and the New Feed Subscriber Stats

Did you open your Google Webmaster Central account today? If not, login to your account right now and see the interface changes. They’d changed the entire look and feel of the user interface to club related tools and reports together. Now you have a left navigation instead of the previous top horizontal one.
See the screenshots below (click to see the enlarged version):

Screen 1. new-webmastercentral-ui.jpg

Screen 2. new-webmastercentral-ui1.JPG

The New Feed Subscriber Stats
They have added a new reporting mechanism to display your feed subscriber stats. But unfortunately Google does not provide the actual/entire number of subscribers to your website feeds. Google says:

If your site publishes feeds of its content, this page will display the number of users who have subscribed to these feeds using Google products such as iGoogle, Google Reader, or Orkut. Because readers can use other sites and aggregators to subscribe to your content, your total number of subscribers from all sources may be higher. Also, these stats list only those feeds with actual subscribers. If your site publishes a feed that does not currently have any Google subscribers, it will not be listed.

That mean those numbers displayed under Google Webmaster Central feed subscriber report may not be matching from your feedburner data, since Google only counts from iGoogle, Google Reader or Orkut.
A Word from the Author:
I liked the new look but am not sure about why they have added a partial feed subscriber report. I still feel Feedburner is more convincing as I can see the more accurate number.

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