Webmaster Central offers Sitelinks, Advanced Query Stats, Duplicate Content Warning and a Message Box

Great news from the Webmaster Central Team, they have been added four more features to your Webmaster Central Account. A facility to manage your Sitelinks, Advanced reporting of your Query Stats, Duplicate Content Warning and a Mailbox to receive official spam penalty issues and to communicate further. The last three are seems great from what I perceive since the first one is still generated automatically and we don’t have the right to choose ;).

Let us dig more on these new features:


What are Sitelinks? Some of us must have had a doubt arise in their mind by now. Let me explain. You must have noticed some extra links getting displayed for some of the sites when we do a search in Google. See the below screen shot:

Site Links

These links are generated automatically by Google. So what is there in the ‘Sitelinks’ section inside the Webmaster Central’ account. There you can say ‘No’, i.e; If you are seeing any irrelevant page is listed in your Google Sitelinks you can block those pages from getting listed there.

You can see your new Sitelink page as a subsection under the ‘Link’ section in your Webmaster Central console.

Advanced Query Stats:

The Top Search Queries report inside your Webmaster Central account now gives more enhanced reports including segmented days of data. You can segment your reports ranging from Last 7 Days, 2 weeks, 3 Weeks, and 6 Months. Previously we had only the Last 7 Days option and of course that wasn’t enough for taking any decision. Hopefully in future they may extend that 6 months bar too.

Duplicate Content Warning

Danny from Search Engine Land reporting that there is another feature added for Duplicate Content warning. They do this based on the ‘High URL counts’ which normally flagged on when they suspect Duplicate Content pages. This will reduce the volume of Duplicate pages as well as a better Crawler bandwidth usage as per Google. I am not finding an example of this or a screen shot of this,if anybody goes through the same please do refer one.

Message Box:

Go to your dashboard inside your Webmaster Central account, in the right hand side you can see a new heading named ‘Message Center’. According to Google:

The Message Center provides a way for us to communicate important information to you regarding your Google webmaster tools account and the sites you manage. Our intent is to make it easy for you to receive important information associated with your sites. Ref: here

A Word from the Author:

I am also getting the message saying “Google has not generated any sitelinks for your site.” I am not sure when I can have one 😉 though.

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