New Site Search, Event Tracking and External Link Tracking Reports in Google Analytics

It’s always happy to have new new features added to a tool which we use frequently. Google Analytics, one of the main tool I use as part of my work – is always making me happy giving more and more features in certain intervals, that too for free. I am not a blind devotee of Google but I appreciate their services like Google Analytics, Webmaster Central, Gmail etc. which I use in my daily job.

At the eMetrics, today at Washington, D. C. Google has announced new features to Google Analytics and a beta release for the Urchin software.

What is new from Google Analytics?

Site Search analytics, Event Tracking and External Link tracking are the newly added services in Google Analytics. This is a great move from Google Analytics and major kudos from to team.

Site Search analytics:

Internal Site search is always a vital factor for every websites which help us to evaluate the landing page, the search phrases, requirement of new pages, the content efficiency, layout and much more.

Many of us underestimate the importance of an internal search option, we never check the numbers though. I bet, even though we do have a search option inside our website most of us never tried to track, What the users were searching? Whether they could find the right page? What made them using the internal search option? When you start asking such questions to yourself, you start realizing, you never knew.

This feature will work not only with the Google Custom search but also with other non-Google search products.

Avinash Kaushik – the Google Analytics Evangelist- has written a nice blog to give you more insights on the Site Search.

Event Tracking:

This was a great concern when people started Event/Action based navigations and websites. has written a post addressing the same issue somewhere back in 2006 – Web Analytics for Flash Sites. There we reviewed most of the major Web Analytics tools such as WebTrends, ClickTracks, Urchin, and Omniture on their efficiency in Event Tracking. Now Google Analytics (Urchin is from the same tree) added the feature to track the Event generated actions, currently as a beta test. These reports will help us to track our Flash, AJAX or any similar Multimedia component and their user interactions.

In order to provide a way for you to define and track a wide variety of applications and interactions, there will be a new tracking module called ga.js. Using ga.js on your site instead of urchin.js means you can continue to take advantage of the latest advanced tracking enhancements (such as Event Tracking) as we release them. Although we suggest everyone upgrade to the new JavaScript, if you aren’t interested in Event Tracking and you’re already getting all the information you need from Google Analytics, you don’t need to change your tags. – Google Analytics Blog.

External / Outbound Link Tracking:

This is also in a Beta stage which gives you the details about which external links people do click and move on. I have seen, similar data is given by the MyBlogLog community.

A Word from the Author:

Currently it seems these newly added features are only available to a limited crowd. They said these reports will be available soon to the world wide community.

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