New Adwords Tools and Reports Enhancements

There were some more additions done on your Adwords Account with two more Reports and one Tool enhancement. Seems they are really nice these, so thought of writing a small review on this.

New Adwords Reports Enhancements:

  • Adwords Last 30 Days Reports: This is a nice one to see, other than the Last Month Report this Adwords Last 30 Days Report will provide you some more flexible way of reporting or analyzing your Campaign data.
  • Adwords Weekly and Hourly Graph Reports: This will give you a cool graphical reporting on your Weekly and Hourly Adwords data. To view the graphs, click ‘View graphs only’ or ‘View data and graphs’ from the View Report page.

New Adwords Tool Enhancement:

  • Adwords Ad Format Filter: This is a new additional filter to make sure more targeted Ads for your money. This will allow you to choose sites that accept specific ad formats – text or Images or Video ads – for site-targeted campaigns. You can now search for sites by ad types (text ads, image ads, or video ads) and various size formats.

A Word from the Author:

I hope these additions are cool to have inside and useful to make sure more targeted Ad campaigns thus an increase in effectiveness.

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