New Multiple Custom Ad Channels in Adsense

For the Adsense Publishers, it’s now possible to add Multiple Custom Channels to a single ad unit. This enables much more flexibility in tracking the performance of each ad unit in more effective way. For a Single Ad Unit you can have up to 5 different Ad Channels.

What is the Use of AD Channels?

Whether thought about ‘which Ad is giving more revenue?’ or ‘which ad is not even getting a single click?’. Similar questions can be answered by Analyzing Ad Channels.

Say you are running a Garment Store website, you have one 200×200 ad placed on Gents wear pages – in the sidebar -, and in Lady Wear pages – in the content part. To track which pages are giving you more revenue – Gents or Lady wear pages – you can categorize the 200×200 ads to Gents wear and Lady Wear, this will give you the stats. But at the same time if you want to know, whether the Ads placed in the Sidebar or in the Content have more CTR, there comes the reason for having Multiple Custom Channels.

Just create two new Custom Channels named ‘Sidebar’ and ‘inContent’, and link with the appropriate Ad Unit. This will gives you better chance to know about your ads unit, according to the performance wise.

A Word from Author:

There is a word of caution while implementing the Multiple Custom Channels in your ad Units. For each Channels, your Adword Reports show log impressions, and that doesn’t mean your Total Impression is a sum of that. You can see that in the Aggregate Reports – the actual number of impressions and Click as Total.

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