Manage Multiple Websites with a Single Sitemap.xml: WebmasterCentral

Webmaster Central blog reports, a new update. Now you can submit Sitemaps for multiple hosts in a single host. This is helpful for those who are managing multiple sub-domains under a single domain. As we know Google considers these sub-domains as different websites, previously while submitting Sitemaps you need to create different XML Sitemaps and manage it under different sites. Now you can have a single sitemap.xml combined all your sub-domain URLs and manage, you just need to verify the ownership of all. It can reduce the process time of creating multiple Sitemaps for each of your verified websites.

Read more about the recent update from WebmasterCentral Blog as well as their Help Center.

A Word from the Author:
This will not be handy for entirely different sites, even though you own them. As they’ve mentioned, for sub-domains this can be a useful update if they all are part of a single marketing process.

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