Managing Multiple Adwords Accounts?

Running Google Adwords campaigns for Multiple Clients? You probably be interested in learning about My Client Center (MCC) tool Google Adwords offers. Allows support for large advertisers with multiple AdWords accounts and third-party agencies who manage and optimize multiple AdWords accounts.

Features of My Client Center (MCC):

Using My Client Center (MCC) tool you can:

  • View up to 1,000 linked AdWords accounts, including other client manager accounts.
  • See relevant information for all linked AdWords accounts in one place.
  • Run reports across multiple client accounts at once or download the client “dashboard” into a .csv file.
  • Use a single login to access all AdWords accounts.
  • Create AdWords accounts and link them to this master account.

Advantages of My Client Center (MCC) Tool:

The main purpose and advantage of My Client center (MCC) tool is, with a Single Login you can access the client manager account, as well as easily View all linked Adwords Accounts within the My Client Center View. It is just like a Master Account using which, you can access all your Adwords Accounts linked to it. Clients can also Login to their Individual accounts and still manage them.

Also you can get Alerts about the issues related to those Individual Accounts, such as credit card issues, ad delivery interruptions, account budget end dates and many more.

A Word from the Author:

On learning about How to get a My Client Center Account (MCC)? or related issues, you can refer to the Adwords support pages. Here you can find more information about My Client Center (MCC) Tool.

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