New Mobile Search Options from Google and Yahoo

Google Mobile search is Open to all:

They were testing it from ages and now they made it open to everyone. You can find it here and can be accessible using any of your mobile browsers. You can have some more customized options like weather, news, stocks movies, GMail and much more. Next time you land on Google homepage using your mobile you will be seeing a link which take you to the new mobile search page.

This is as an answer to Yahoo! oneSearch – the mobile search service from Yahoo! launched long back -. OneSearch went popular with lesser time and were getting more press attention than ever. This – the Yahoo! one – returns “answers” rather than links which is a new experience to the users. Google responds to this with the upgraded version of its WAP-base search with extended data integrated. You can read the official Google Blog talking about the new version of Google Mobile Search.

Yahoo! on the same day:

The same day Yahoo announced their new Mobile ad Network – – and Mobile Publisher Services, the war goes on. Yahoo! is running ahead Google at least for this time, the services come under this are:

  • Yahoo Mobile Ad network: Will put ads out through Yahoo’s mobile network. Includes display ads, sponsored links and oddly, “video or in-game placements.”
  • Yahoo Mobile Content Engine: A special search engine designed to carry mobile-specific material, which will power the Yahoo oneSearch service.
  • Yahoo Mobile media Directory: A directory of mobile content, compiled by human editors.
  • Yahoo Mobile Site Submit: The ability to submit presumably to Yahoo’s mobile content engine.

You can read more in their press release here:

A Word from the Author:

This time my votes are going to Yahoo! and I guess they deserve it. What do you think?

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