Microsoft Analytics Project (Currently) Named ‘Gatineau’

Surprised? Me too, when I read the headlines regarding the same. It’s on the development stage and no idea about when it may get launched. The current code name they kept is “Gatineau” and may not be the exact name when they launch it. But the news is a good one to hear, and one major fact is that it’s based on the DeepMetrix, the Log Analysis Tool.

Hint. ‘Gatineau’ is the city in Canada where DeepMetrix was based for some years.

Is that a Rumor or any Evidence I can see?

Well, Here is a link which pints to the Login page of the Gatineau project, but you cannot Login there currently as I experienced. See the screenshot below:

Gatineau(click on the image to see the enlarged view)
Anyway there is one comment from Ian ThomasDirector of Microsoft’s Digital Advertising Solutions – at Avinash Kaushik’s Occam’s Razor holds the hint about this. And his Blog has announced about this on January 08th, you can read it here.

Well, you decide.

A Word from the Author:

Probably this year you can expect the launch. And obviously a good news to the Adcenter users to get much improved reports on their campaigns. It seems they are already having some of the reports integrated, probably they can expect more advanced ones. Also this would be a great experience when we have a chance to compare Microsoft Analytics with Google Analytics. Let us expect the best.

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