Forget the Algorithm, Once You are Logged in to Google Search

This week Google has announced a new experimental for personalized search result pages. Now they allow us to change the order or even add a page which you feel relevant to a search query in the first place. As of now they are doing it as an experiment and not everyone is invited.

The main features are:

Like It: As you see in the below image there will be two icons along with each search results listings. By clicking the Like-it button, you can make a search result as the first position. This will remain as the first result when you are logged in and search the same keyword next time. Google adds an orange icon splat.gif along with such results so that you can recognize it as your preferred result and not Google’s.
Don’t Like it: You can eliminate a search result by clicking on the Cross icon sw_x.gif along with the listings. So next time when you are logged in and search the same keyword, you won’t see it in the SERPs.
Know of a better Webpage: Using this option you can add a page to the SERP which you think relevant than any of the listed pages. You will find the option at the bottom of the search pages as you see in the below image:

Once you added, the page will get listed at the first place next time when you search the same keyword after logged in. As the Like it option, Google highlight this result listing also with that orange icon showing its your own suggestion.


These changes you make remains the same whenever you are logged in and search the same keyword.

A Word from the Author:

This makes Google as a bookmarking system integrated with the search option. Your changes will not affect what others view for the same keyword. This is helpful, in several situations I have broken my head while seeing bench of irrelevant results while searching and wished ‘Oh God, if I could teach these dumbarses which page would be relevant’.

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