Live Search replaces MSN Search

MSN search is now replaced with the Windows Live Search after a long time of waiting. Monday, September 11, Microsoft made Windows Live Search off from Beta and replaced the OLD MSN Search, along with some added search features like, Local Live Search, Enhanced Image searches, News and a Live QnA Beta search.

There are some Beta search options are avail, you can select by digging more into the “More” drop-down in the search page. It includes Video, Academic, Feeds and Products searches, which are probably, be off Beta in coming days.

Refine your Searches:

When you search for a certain query, Windows Live automatically gives you some suggestions for the refined searches in the right hand side of the SERP as ‘Related terms’. This will give you some more precise results and gives an idea about the related terms thus refine the search results for the best results.

A Word from the Author:

There are some cool features added to the Live Search, but what i feel is a little slow. Features like “scratchpad” in the Image Search, lets you drag images to the right pane and save them as a “collection,” which you can name and then recall at any time. I feel its the coolest part for an image search system.

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