Track Outbound Links – New (MSN) Search Option (MSN) announced a new search option for tracking all the Outbound Links from a website. [ Linkfromdomain:] enables you to get the entire list of links from your site which are pointing to other external domains.

This is a compliment search option for the [Linkdomain:] search, which is used to fetch the entire BackLinks (inbound links) pointing To your site from external sites. That was introduced back in Jun, 2005.

How to search using Linkfromdomain:

Oprn the and type linkfromdomain:yoursitename.tld – eg. gives the list of Outbound Links from Remember type your domain name without the ‘www’ part, else it is showing error – as of now and am not sure whether they will fix it or not.

Advantages of Linkfromdomain search:

  • The main advantage is, with a combination search of [Linkdomain:] and [Linkfromdomain:] searches you can easily track the Reciprocal Links.
  • And with the list of Entire BackLinks (inbound links) and Reciprocal Links, you can easily track the Oneway Links also.
  • With a combination of [Site: ] and [Linkfromdomain:] search you can track From Domain X Where Are the Link Destinations on Domain Y?. A live tool, you can find it here.

A Word from the Author:

There is a good chance for building nice tools using these advanced queries from Here you can see the advanced search options with and may help you a lot in refining your searches. The MSDN livesearch announcement about the new search option you can read it here.

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