An Interesting Backlink Experiment in Google

There is an interesting Backlink experiment by Michael Vandemar at SEO Refugee forums. The test is on to prove that Google only considers the first link it finds to a specific page from a URL. Suppose if I have two links pointing to the home page of from this page Google only give weight to the first link. Most of the SEO experts must have heard this assumption long back itself but there weren’t enough tests to prove this.

Micheal at SeoRefugee forums done an experiment to prove this rule of thump as a truth, not a myth. Most of the newbies might have still confused about this theory and for more clarification on the same I would like to mock the same experiment here once again.

‘’ is one of my new website which I’ve registered last month and it has just a temporary index page I uploaded. I think we can take this website for this experiment since its fresh.



If the theory is true once this page is indexed when we search for [tastesofkerala1] the site should get listed in the Google SERPs and not for [tastesofkerala2].

A Word from the Author:
I will update you once this page is indexed by Google.

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