Complete Link Building Strategy

All we know that how boring is building backLinks for a site. But in reality, it’s not a task which has to be done intentionally like, have to build 100 links per week or similar. There should be a natural pace and mode of doing it so that they look like more natural and thus reputed ones. Here we are discussing about How we do the task in an enjoyable/suggested way thus to make sure the quality of work we are providing to our clients.

– SE Submissions
As a starting point we need to make sure the site get indexed well in all major Search Engines. Then we target on some regional SEs to increase the visibility. We will make sure the cache in all the major players for not only the index page but also the inner ones too.

– Directory Submissions
Directory submissions are the base point for Link building on every site. We will find out the relevant directories as per the theme of site, and also regional wise too. Some are manually reviewing and some are not, so we need to make sure the industry specific categories while submitting. This is a time consuming task but will be on-going, while keeping the rate in a moderate pace to make sure no spam flags.

Some Paid Directories are also there, up-on budget and efficiency we can get some of them. But Yahoo paid directory listing is not seems to be worthy on bringing traffic relevant to the sites. So we can go with some other options, after discussing on the same.

Consider the following points while dealing with Directory Submissions:-

  • Recent cache
  • Age of site
  • Page Rank as a trust test
  • Other sites listed in the category (are they my competition, quality, etc)
  • Static links
  • Do they sell links or sitewides off their homepage
  • Quality of their backlinks
  • Possibility of traffic

Avoid Directories at the beginning which requires:

  • Require a reciprocal link
  • Disallow the robots to crawl their pages
  • Redirect and do not link directly to the listed pages
  • Use the rel=”nofollow” attribute

– Cross- Site Linking:
If ther are site under the same entity we can cross link them – we can take selected pages from the old one, from where we can drive traffic to the new site and get them converted. This will help us gaining traffic as well as some good Back Links. We need to discuss the possibilities on driving the traffic effectively from the OLD to NEW, which will help it to gain some visibility and reputation.
Fetch from Competition:
Analyze the competitors for their back links and that will be great resources to target. This will make sure the relevancy on theme and value much in the eyes of SEs. We can list out the locations directly by checking the backlinks of the known competitors and by searching the KWs + ‘add url’ | ‘submit url’ | ‘site submission’ etc…

– Articles:
Article broadcasting will be a nice tactic to get relevant traffic as well as links. We can write articles on the industry specific theme and broadcast to appropriate online publications. We will make sure the bio or content contains links pointing to the SITE with relevant link texts. Again not meant to just broadcast them blindly, but on selected ones.
First to put them live in the SITE, publish those with small changes on those selected ones. This will help both in content wise and also in off-site factors…

– Blogs:
If the articles sessions are not making sense within the site, we can have several blogs which talks about our services industries – not the exact pages for the SITE – and link back from them.

– Press Releases:
Press releases are also one tactic we can follow and that also in the same mode of spreading like articles. But depend on the niche; the publishers will vary according to the visibility we require.

– RSS Feeds:
Create RSS feeds for the articles | press releases on the site and allow visitors to add them in their sites. Feeds for the major players like | my.msn | Boglines | feedster etc… are having good potential for driving some traffic and frequent crawling.
Also we can have them on our blogs and can spread the feeds trough the RSS directories.

– Forum Links:
If anybody inside the SITE participating on any niche (vertical industry) forums which related to our services we can ask them to create a link pointing back to SITE with a relevant link text. Most of them may have ‘nofollow’ but on investing some time it bring some relevant traffic.

A Word from the Author:

Currently am reading on two interesting threads in SeoRefugee (here and here) about the importance of on-page and off-page factors in Google algorithm. Till now I ‘d a real good reading and hopefully you may also find it enjoying, there are loads of valid points to extract and make them use in your promotional tactics.

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