Limitation of Short Term SEO Solutions

One more question I do get on a regular basis is ‘Why do you propose always long term SEO?’ or ‘Why don’t you propose a short term SEO solution?’ Simply I would like to say, I don’t have any personal benefits by suggesting SEO to your website rather you own the benefits directly from increasing the sales. But you know well, I can’t say like that. As I am the technical supporting person, I should explain to you in a polite way about the limitations of short term solutions. Here we go, let me explain to you some of my points to convince that Long term SEO is what you should opt for.

Limitation of Short Term SEO Solutions

  • Algorithm changes: Search Engines want their search results more relevant. They refine the search technologies time to time. Short Term SEO can ensure the website qualifies for getting into the targeted search results based on the CURRENT known methods. Once the Search Engine changes the algorithm, the website may falls.
  • Chasing Competitors: In a competitive market, attaining/retaining top ranks requires constant chasing of competitors. Continuous expansion of content pages and Link building may require to claim relevant search positions. Only an on-going/long term SEO Strategy can provide that. While your competitors are expanding their websites, you can’t be sit idle and
  • Search Results are not constant: Search results for the same query varies from Location, Data Centers (DCs) and Time. Only through constant evaluation we can understand the trends and do the needful changes on the website.
  • Keywords are not Constant: Keyword research is done based on the historical trend of searches. So it is varible according to Seasons, Market Trends, Current Affairs etc. Based on the performance, redoing Keywords may require for certain niche websites. Only an on-going/long term SEO Strategy can provide that.
  • Changes on the Website: Any changes on the website – adding/deleting pages, changing the design/templates, changing servers etc. – can influence its Search Engine Rankings. To ensure each changes won’t affect the website Rankings negatively, continuous SEO support is required.

A Word from the Author:
‘How long does it take to see the results’ is one of a similar question to the above. Again, the points we discussed are explaining that the ‘results are not constant’. By results, I mean, the ‘Search Referral traffic’ or ‘corresponding Search Engine Rankings’. This may vary on each professionals since there are debates going on about ‘whether Rankings are the only KPI (Key Performing Indicators) for SEO’? or should we consider more. Well, I prefer ‘the more’, we will discuss that in coming posts.

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