Template Change at virtueseo.com/seo-blog – Suggestions Invited

As you may have noticed the template has been changed for virtueseo.com/seo-blog. I am still working on it customizing and updating/adding some more features.

So this is a request to you all for helping me in fixing the bugs if any. I value your valid suggestions on the Navigation, Color, Font, any missing Plug-in which you feel be a better addition to the current layout. Also I invite your valid suggestions on improving the site content, requirement on additional topics which you would like to read or similar.

Please let me know your valid thoughts and suggestions through the contact form or as comment to this post. That would be an excellent help and much appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance.

4 thoughts on “Template Change at virtueseo.com/seo-blog – Suggestions Invited

  1. the layout looks lost, chk out coghead.com , axure.com (menu bar color)

    if need more feedback, do let me know

  2. Hi Hemant

    Thanks for comenting, Can you help me to find what exactly you meant by lost. Which way I can improve, do you have any specific suggestions? I went to those sites but not seen anything relevant or did I miss anything?

  3. i meant the lightness of the site, by using the color variation used by coghead, if you are branding your site keep it same so even when you go for change later , it should be a theme based change, rather than just being diff.

    for eg. your logo portion , you have given a post-it kind of effect, but its not working out

    keep it as simple & clean as you can

  4. I agree on a theme based change rather than going for a complete different one. But I did this one based on teh various feedbacks from my readers and my forum friends. And I hope this is more or less following teh same Navigation structure and priorities as teh previous template.

    I didn’t get you on the Logo part, though…

    thanks hemant..

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