India’s First Local Search Engine Launched Today

Glad news to all Indians, today we got our First Local Search Engine, launched by two Delhi IITians, with a commitment of USD seven million from a leading Indian venture capital firm. It’s called ‘Guruji’ (Hindi version of ‘Master/Teacher’) and the domain name is Two young Indians, Anurag Dod and Gaurav Mishra, ex-IIT Delhi alumni with significant Internet and search experience – returned from the Silicon Valley – have started, after Sequoia Capital India provided seed funding to the venture.

“Our search engine is a technology solution to address the growing search needs of the Indians. Using crawl technology, we focus on providing search products for enhancing the Indian user experience,” CEO Anurag Dod told reporters at a preview of the search engine here on Thursday.

“Built on a distributed architecture that can scale with the growing needs of the users, our complex computing system crawls the web to identify Indian content, indexes the data and provides a simple keyword-based interface to access the information instantly,” he added.

Gaurav Mishra, co-founder and coo, explains, “90% of Internet search queries are local in nature, and will deliver better search results than any other search engine in these instances.

This is a new venture in the Local Market of India, since currently people are turning into being web centric, their needs are finding a new destination. Like the Live Local search or Google Map search, can create a new impact on the search industry in India. Providing Local information, Business Listings and more, the industry will be in a new boom to make use of this opportunity to get their Name shown in the Search Results. Now if you want to order a pizza, just search with the [Pizza in Koramangala, Bangalore ] the business listings are ready along with Articles, reviews and other useful information.

In the first couple of months, they expect traffic of 100,000 hits a day, they said, pointing out that 90 per cent of Indian internet users do a search every day. At a later stage, they expect releases in different Indian regional languages also, to get it’s wings expands to the day-to-day life of every Indian.

A Word from the Author:

A study by the Internet and Mobile Association of India says there are about 65 million people who use search engines in India and the current size for search engine advertising is $ 50 million. This will get doubled in the next couple of years, thereby, offering a huge potential. Let us evaluate the growth and build strategies upon this to make use of this potential.

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