Importance of Call to Action in a Website

Tell, ‘What You can Do for ME?’
A common mistake we can see in most of the websites is, they talk more about ‘Who we are?’ and/or ‘What we do?’. As a Visitor my main purpose of visiting a website will be looking for ‘What You can Do for Me?’ If I find, what they offer, is matching with my needs, they get me converted. Do you think, your visitors are finding the ‘What You can Do for ME’ part in your website? Do you have clear ‘Call to Action’ elements in your website? If not, you are seriously missing a good % of your conversions.

What is ‘Call to Action’ for a website?

First, answer me for ‘What you are expecting your visitors do? You want them to buy? To Inquire? To Register? To Subscribe? Or to click on the Ads? Whichever may be, the success of your website is directly related to how you make your visitors to complete these Actions. If you are getting several 100s of visitors per day, but no one is meeting your goals, your website is clearly lacking its ‘Call to Action’.
In simple words, ‘call to action’ is ‘a prompt to the visitor to take an action’.

What are Call to Action elements in a website?
It can be an ‘Inquire Here’ button or an email subscription text box, or an ‘Add to Cart’ button, depending on your website goal.
In simple words ‘call to action element’ is ‘a link or a phrase or an object which directs a visitor to an action requested’.

Don’t make me Search for your Inquire Button:
If we analyze the Stay Length – average time a visitor spend on a website’ – we could see that a major percentage of the total visitors stays less than a minute. It is clear then, visitors don’t read the entire content, they just scan through the pages. Remember, not only you in the web offering the same to your visitors, there will be 100s other websites. Don’t expect your visitors to search for a Call to Action element. If they couldn’t find an ‘Inquire Button’ or an ‘Add to Cart’ option, within seconds you lose a customer.

Where do I expect your Call to Action Elements?
I won’t find them if they are buried under several scrolls or with faded colors. I won’t find them if you don’t highlight them or invite my attention. There are lots of studies done using the Heatmaps technique to track the eye falls of your visitors on your templates. This will give you a great insight about where all to place the Call to Action Elements to get more attentions. Some of the interesting studies are:

You can also read one of my previous posts ‘Advanced Overlay Report – I Know Which Link Did That – which describes how to use the Overlay report to know the effectiveness of your Navigation and Links.

A Word from the Author:
Study your visitors, what all they do after coming to your website. Are they able to find your Call to Action elements? Or the long steps to complete the action is making them exit? You can expect more detailed posts about how to track and make decisions based on these information in upcoming posts. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this and if you have any more suggestions.

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