iGoogle and the Google’s Search History feature

New! View and manage your web history

Did you noticed the new option when you search using your Personalized searches – when you sign in using your google account and do a seach – in the Right Top side. New! View and manage your web history. You ever knew this was switched on by Defualt for a good percentage of the searchers? They said it is a new feature for Google Account users that makes it easy to view and search across the pages you’ve visited. But in reality isn’t it a smart way to Spy you? Sigh, Behaviourally Targeting, that’s what someone justifies this.

iGoogle – the New Name for your Google Personalized Homepage

Today you must be seeing some changes happened to your Personalized Google Homepage. The most important one is the new brand name… as iGoogle. The rest are as follows:

  • Launch of new Gadget Maker.
  • iGoogle is now available in 26 Languages and in about 40 different countries.
  • The Theme option which was only available in US got rolled out Internationally.

Read about today’s  workshop (along with product news) on Google’s personalization services at Google.How iGoogle affect the Search Results?

At SearchEngineLand you can read a detailed overview of the history on Google Personalized Homepage, Greg has done a good job on that. Your Search History and Location may play vital roles in Personalizing the Srach Results. So it’s going to end the era of seeing the Same Results everywhere – didn’t forget about the DC difference but still.

A Word from the Autor:

This will be applicable only when you ‘ve signed in using your Google Account. Currently that may be a small percentage but this will get super sonically spread I bet. How these wll affect the SEO? 😉

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