How long does it take to see the Results in SEO?

This is also a continuation to my previous posts, to increase awareness about the basics of SEO, among the website owners or those who seeks SEO help. In previous posts we ‘d covered the following topics: Limitation of Short Term SEO Solutions and Selling SEO in Ready-to-Eat packages.

In this post, I am going to answer, to a largely asked question, “How long does it take to see the results in SEO?
Quick Answer: For “hjghglhjhj jkhj jkhasjkdhhjh j”, in Hours… For ‘seo services maldives’, may couple of weeks… For ‘seo services’.. many months and $$$, a wagon full…

I will explain.
Let us face another question, ‘How long does it take to get a product successful in its market?’. The answers could be, depending on the product capabilities, how effectively you advertise, your direct competition, etc. Similarly, the time required to get a website success in search engines depends on various factors. Your website is your on-line sales representative and your large audience shops from the search engines. How fast you can convince them, override your competitors, get noticed and bring you up-front? So the question to be answered is, What all you can do for your website to get it successful?

if your website stands close to your direct competition…
While evaluating search engine factors, if your website stands close to your direct competition websites, you may be able to betterment your rankings within days/weeks of completion of suggested SEO steps.

While publishing web logs (blogs) or working with authority websites, it is noted that small changes results within hours of time. Authority websites are websites which are reputed in the eyes of Search Engines with regularly updated content and increasing popularity. If your website is one of that kind, you get a higher priority in search engines while considering a search query.

if your website is far behind while comparing with the competition…


But if your website is far behind while comparing with the competition, it will take the minimum time of getting the website close to the competition. That is purely based on the effort you put on the website to make it capable of competing in the niche market.

Remember, there are hundreds of known factors Search Engine evaluates at present before showing the search results. The shortest way to the higher ranks is identifying the easiest direct competition. Depending on your target keywords, the possibilities varies. It is an art, keywords research – finding the best keywords for your website – and that bases your possibilities of attaining potential traffic.

For a new website! …
For a new website, suggested to start competing with the exact niche market instead of simply chasing the giants. In that way you can attain some search engine visibility with the shortest time span. With a new website, competing with authority websites will not get you into the top search results in the near future.

It is vital to understand the fact that Search Engine Optimization is not a one time fix or solution for your website. SEO need to be a part of each steps in a website life-cycle, starting from the domain name selection. Gone are the days, we used to hear Meta tags or Link Building campaigns along with SEO. Wake up, otherwise you never gonna meet your potential audience.

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  1. nice post!it gives you an idea on how to make an effective blog to promote your website. If you promote your website well, you can see the result of your SEO in a short period of time.

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