Happy Birthday to SEORefugee

Today (November 20th) we are celebrating the first Birthday for www.SeoRefugee.com. It’s really a great time we’d there at the Refugee Island, and hereby virtueseo.com/seo-blog is expressing heartful Thanks and Wishes to all the Admins, Mods and Members at SeoRefugee.com.

skitzzos_pop – one of the admins at SeoRefugee – has posted a Birthday Cartoon at the SeoRefugee home page and I am inviting you all to have a visit over there. I am sure that you all will enjoy the company of Wit, toddieg, earlpearll, skitzzo, dazzlindonna, rmccarley, mvandemar – and many more in the list – to make you feel comfort with their great knowledge and experience in SEO and Webmastering.

A Word from the Author:

You all are welcomed to Register with SeoRefugee and we are happy to be in service for your valid doubts and thoughts regarding SEO, Web Analytics or any related Webmaster topics. SeoRefugee is blessed with a group of brilliant souls and I am sure that in coming days you will be hearing more from and about SeoRefugee.

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