Happy 9th Birthday Google

Last year same date, we wished Happy Birthday to Google. That was it’s 8th year and now has been moved on to the 9th. I know, I know… but as you can see the Google Homepage, today is the Official Birthday for Google. Check today’s Google logo.

Google's 9th birthday

A little more general knowledge
Some of us must have seen the Google Corporate History page at least once. Currently Google celebrates it’s Birthday on when the Domain www.google.com get registered.
I would love to invite you read Danny Sullivan’s post two weeks back “Google Is 10 Years Old? Finding The Real Google Birthday”. He point out some details about Google’s birth date.

Google The 12 Year Old
January 1996

This is when Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on BackRub, what later become Google. Use this month, and Google is 12 years old.

Google The 10 Year Old
Sept. 15, 1997

This is when, as the AFP reports, Google registered google.com.

Google The 9 Year Old
Sept. 7, 1998

This is when Google may have officially incorporated.

Google The 9 Year Old
Sept. 27, 1998 (Current Official Date)

A Word from the Author:
I am sure there are lot of people who hate Google, but with a little respect on what they have achieved. I am not a big fan of them on some occasions but I really enjoy some of their services like Google Analytics, GMail etc. Of course I should not offend Google Search, since part of my money I earn with that. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Google!

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