Guide to Google Adwords

Good news to all Adwords Campaign holders, there are some cool Tools avail to manage your Ad copies. Start playing with ‘Find and Edit Keywords’, ‘Find and Edit Ad Text’, ‘Find and Edit Max CPCs’, ‘Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text ‘ and ‘Find and Edit Campaign Negatives Tool’ and see how many Hours you can save now, in your day.

Find and Edit Keywords:

Running any Seasonal campaigns? Want to change ‘woolen jackets’ with ‘rain coats’ in your ‘Keyword List’? Just go to your account open the ‘Find and Edit Keywords‘ option, you can easily make the changes with one shot. Amazingly you feel such a relief, since we know how tedious job was it before.

Find and Edit Ad Text:

To do the above changes in your Ad text, update single or multiple ads in your Account, all at the same run. ‘Find and Edit Ad Text‘ will make the changes in one shot and no need to go with the normal way of open each and manually edit the things.

Find and Edit Max CPCs:

Do You want to change the Max CPCs frequently and that too through out the Accounts? ‘Find and Edit Max CPCs‘ will help you to finish the job within a few minutes.

Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text:

If you want to Copy or Move elements in the Ad Text or your Keyword List, to your Existing campaigns or Ad Groups in your Adwords Account, can be done with this ‘Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text‘ tool.

Find and Edit Campaign Negatives Tool:

Managing your Negative Keywords wisely can be beneficial to your Adwords account. A well targeted keyword list can help you to lower your ad costs and ensure relevant clicks for your campaigns. This ‘Find and Edit Campaign Negatives Tool‘ can help you to manage your Negative Keywords at the campaign level.

A Word from the Author:

Before writing this Blog, when I found these tools in the Adwords Tool section I just shared those list with some of my friends – those who are running some campaigns for their small business. And the responds were interesting, seemed they were tired of manually editing their campaigns with hours spending. I never thought that these tools can make these much difference in your time management and campaign routines. So, I just thought of sharing about these tools to you all, so that some among you may find this as helpful. Cheer up….

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