Google, Yahoo and Live Search to Support Sitemap

We have been using the Google Sitemap from a year around, ever thought about why the other Search Engines can’t support it? No need to worry more, they (Google, Yahoo and MSN are joining hands together to support the Sitemap Protocol on a jointly-maintained site

We all know last year Google introduced the Sitemap 0.84 XML protocol and a free service as Google Sitemap (now it get renamed as Google Webmaster Central). Now they have released the latest version as 0.9 and released at the

What will happen to the old Sitemaps?

Google still be accepting the old versioned sitemaps – those already get submitted at the webmaster central – using the previous namespace and version number. See the documentation given at the for information on creating a one in new version. Also check the Yahoo and Live search documentation about submitting sitemaps to them respectively.

How to Submit Sitemap to Yahoo?

You can submit Sitemaps to Yahoo! Search through Site Explorer, just like you could add RSS feeds up to now. Just add the site to which the feed belongs, to your list of sites, and then add the feed for that site. Yahoo will retrieve the sitemap and use the data you provide us. read more…

How to Submit Sitemap to

We are 100% behind this protocol – this kind of collaboration will help improve the search experience for all of our customers, and we are working hard to release full support in 2007. We are starting to alpha test with internal partners such as MSDN and Microsoft Support now. Like all teams at Microsoft, we like to dogfood our work internally to ensure that it is working properly before it is publicly released. Watch this space for an update as soon as we’re done. Read more…

A Word from the Author:

The protocol page has all the information about creating the sitemap and submitting to the search engines and also you can find a good FAQ page inside. These people are lately started thinking about joining hands together to make sure the integrity – they knew things will be going out of there hands, otherwise – . Last one was, accepting the NOODP tag and now on the Sitemap protocol. I am THRILLED….

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