Google WiFi in Mountain View

Google Inc. announced free Citywide Wireless Internet Access for all of Mountain View, California. Google is going to deploy the Wi-Fi from it’s beta, which has been there since June and open the city-wide connection to everyone with a standard 802.11B or a G Card. There is no set-up or activation charges applied to this, but for the WiFi Modem it may cost, if you are using the service inside a building.This is primarily an Outdoor Network, but there are options to use it from your Home or Office too. For the members of Mountain View Public Library, there is happy news; you can access the Google WiFi directly, since they have it installed throughout the building.

With normal WiFi enabled equipment you are able to access the service, and you may find the better signals when you are outside. For inside use such as in Home or in Office, Google is suggesting you to buy a WiFi modem. Like a DSL or a cable modem, WiFi modem is a device which converts the Wireless signals into a wired form and making the service available inside the buildings.

At present Google doesn’t sell any such device for the Home | Office users, but they have some suggestions as of now to make the service avail to such users. Here you can check for what Google suggests on Buying a WiFi Modem for thier users. Typically the prices may vary from $75 – $200 and other expense may occur is your electricity bill.
Initially you may find some areas with weak signals, but eventually they are working on it to better coverage. You can see the areas where they had already covered from this map.

Once you have done with the installation of your WiFi, you can use your Google account to sign-in there at Google WiFi, you can create one, or use an existing one, depends on.

For detail help on this you can visit the Google WiFi Help page and there you may find all the details, you may have doubt in.

A Word from the Author:

Obviously a question may arise, “What on earth made Google to provide such a service for FREE?”, it’s simple as Chris Sacca, Google’s head of special initiatives, said

If we can inspire more people to build these networks, more cities to go ahead and get these networks built, then more people to use the Internet, there are more searches on Google.

“We all benefit.”

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