Google WebmasterCentral Can Tell You More About Your Links

I know we all were worried about the Google Link: operator which used to confuse a lot by the results. If you are active in any of the popular SEO Forums, you must be hearing loads of webmasters are coming up with a query like why Google is not showing my Back Links when I do search in Google. The fact is that Google only shows a sample of what they actually knows about your BackLinks through that link: query.

But this week Google came up with a happy news to all those worried about their Link: search results. From now you can have a better track for your Links – both Internal and External Links – using your Webmaster Central account.

Where can I find this?

If you have a Google Sitemap account – Google webmaster central – sign-in and you will be seeing a new tab named ‘Links’ along with the existing ‘Diagnostics’, ‘Statitics’ and ‘Sitemap’ ones. Click on that link and you will be seeing a page similar to the screenshot given below:


As you see there are two options in the left navigation, External Links and Internal Links.

What is External Links?

Here the term is having a slightly different concept. Normally we used this term to denote the links pointing to other sites from our site. But at Webmaster Central the term External Link is defined in a different way, quoting from the Google Webmaster Central Official Blog:

External links to your site are the links that reside on pages that do not belong to your domain. For example, if you are viewing links for, all the links that do not originate from pages on any subdomain of would appear as external links to your site.

They are using the term to represent your BackLinks, simply.

What are Internal Links?

This is having an interesting point to note down. Read the definition they have given for Internal Links:

Internal links to your site are the links that reside on pages that belong to your domain. For example, if you are viewing links for, all the links that originate from pages on any subdomain of, such as or, would appear as internal links to your site.

You see, they confirms that the sub-domain links are also a part of your Internal Links. Last month DazzlinDonna was talking about this and you can read about the same here –
Are subdomains no longer separate sites in the eyes of Google?. It seems to be Yes, the answer is.

How different is this with the old Link: search?

See if you do a search for Google shows 61 to me – may differ in other DCs but I don’t think it will be way differed. But when I check in my WebmasterCentral report they are showing 1139 BackLinks only to the Home page and alltogether 1834. I can track backlinks for each of my pages and I can download it and save it in my laptop.

Isn’t it cool?

An Exception:

Still it’s not the 100% of your Links to your Page. The disclaimer is there.

A Word from the Author:

You can have a read on this topic at Google webmster central official blog and you will be getting more idea about the facilities they do provide for this new feature.

5 thoughts on “Google WebmasterCentral Can Tell You More About Your Links

  1. Awesome article!…I was very much worried about the Back link of my site. After I reading your article I could see all the back links through webmaster tool..

    Very useful information.
    Hope to see you more.


  2. happy to be in your service Sojan…

    meantime.. they are showing it but keep in mind that not the 100% of it. But still we must agree that it’s a great relief over the old link: search.

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