Google Webmaster Central Hack for Additional Link Information

Last week I posted about the new extended link support from Google through their Webmaster Central – earlier Google sitemap. From the past several months there was a need for an alternative to the old link: search. For those who tried this new feature must be agreed on a single comment that this one is far better than the old link: search data. Using this, you can see a list of External and Internal links for each of your pages, that can be filtered and downloaded.

If they could show some more detailed report on my links, how great that would be? How about knowing the PR of the pages linking to you and the Anchor Text used on the link along with this list? Also highlighting the Nofollow links among them? Don’t worry, I can tell you how to get all these data, read more.

It is a small hack using a Firefox add-on and a small script. I hope most of the SEO / Webmaster geeks must have heard about a Firefox add-on named GreaseMonkey. This will allow us to see a customized display of any webpage with the help of small bits of JavaScript. You can find a good collection of available scripts at for many of the popular sites, also you can write it as your own.

Two simple steps to the Gold Mines:

  1. Install the Greasemonkey add-on to your Firefox.
  2. Install the script provided at Joost de Valk.

What will be the resulting page?

A sample result page screenshot is as follows:


You can see the additional information of PageRank, Anchor Text and rel=“nofollow” links in this report. The details you can read it at Joost de Valk site.

A Word from the Author:

I should say thanks to Dazzlindonna who first shared this valuable information at my favorite SEO/ Webmaster forum – Sometimes back I’d posted about a cool Google Analytics hack – displaying Dynamic URL referrer. These data are the real gold mines for your websites. Analyze, plan and act on these, success is yours.

14 thoughts on “Google Webmaster Central Hack for Additional Link Information

  1. It wont take long before google will implement those features themself.. they’ve always been fast in adapting new technoligies and offering features.

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  3. I’m kind of a rookie and I’m hoping someone can help. I installed greasemonkey and the Joost de Valk script, but when I log into webmaster tools, some links are unchanged (ie, no PR or anchor text displays) The only difference is that some red links show up. When I check the red pages that presumably don’t have the link, some are actually missing the link, some are using nofollow and some have the link in readable markup.

    Could there be a setting I’m using that’s causing these problems?

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  5. The script has some bugs, I’m working on a server version now which you can put a CSV into, gives way more nice info 🙂 glad you liked it though!

  6. That’s nice Joost… glatd to hear from you.

    is that something which is suggested by Micheal M? or is a different version?

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