Google Syndicated Search

Just went through an article Posted by Garett Rogers, there he mentioned Google Inc. has been registered, around 30 variations of domain names with ‘Google Syndicate Search’, this week. Such as,,, Etc…

Google Syndicated Search, the name alone is not revealing anything much, so only a wide guess is possible on this. We all know is just where the clicks from Google AdSense ads are directed to before you go to the advertisers Web site to count the click on the ad. And I don’t think Google Syndication and Google Syndicate is related, but we can’t get into a definite conclusion at this point.

The other possibility for Google Syndicate search is something with Blogs and Social Book marking services. Google already have a Blog Search, so will this be something on Social Book Marking search, well… just a guess.

A Word from the Author:

While searching on this Google syndicate search thing, am not finding any relevant page which talks about the concept. It’s very hard to guess about why Google register these domains, but there are chances of deploying a new service, whenever they do so. Well, may be in coming days, we may find much more information regarding this, and I will be updating you, that’s for sure…

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