The Meta Keywords Tag, We Don’t Use It: Matt Cutts (Google)

This has been repeatedly heard but once again hit the titles, ‘Meta keywords are no more used by Google’. ‘Why now, again?’ was the first question arose in my mind while seeing the heading ‘Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking today.

SEO Experts discussed this many times in the past and still having hot arguments on the air supporting both side. One side follow Google, word by word, but later seems never easily digest what Google talks to the public. Back in 2007, ‘Search engine land’ had one post claiming the same, and that has a nice conclusion on how each known search engines deal with Keyword Meta tag. Whenever we ask this question to some experts or someone representing Google in summits or forums, we usually hear, ‘We read them, but not a direct factor determining your search rankings’. It’s always like that, before.

Now for the time being, we have the answer: Google doesn’t use the “keywords” meta tag in our web search ranking.

Does this says we shouldn’t use Meta Keyword tags?

No, remember, Google is not the only search engines public use. There are a couple of others which we – the SEO community – can’t ignore using this data. At the same time, Google also states a possibility over considering Meta keyword tag in future, though it’s unlikely.

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