Google Docs & Spreadsheets Launched

Happy news to all, Google now combines Writely – read about Writely in this post – and Spreadsheet programs and renamed it as Google Docs & Spreadsheets. From now onwards you can use them with a single login, since both previous Login pages are now getting redirected to Google Docs & Spreadsheets is currently in public test mode and available for free.

This is after the frequent requests from the users, Google decided to go on with the integration and probably a next step will be with Google Calendar and rest. Anyway Google Docs & Spreadsheets enables users to share there Documents and Spreadsheets online, much more easy now.

The files can be viewed by one person, shared to with a group to view or edit, or published online for public consumption.

A Word from the Author:

May be it’s a step forward to the Google Office Package, according to the experts in the industry media. While people are being web-centric more in nowadays, keeping them online instead of as Desktop packages is a nice strategy. And more or less a nice defensive move to compete with the MS Office giant. Yeah, at that part of the world Microsoft is still a giant itself. The official blog for docs & spreadsheets is talking about this new birth.

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