Google Analytics Seeks Adsense Publishers Feedback

Are there reports or metrics you would like to see in Google Analytics that would help you run your AdSense account even better? Google is asking. It’s from quite a long time AdSense Publishers were seeking for a method to integrate their Web Analytics and AdSense reports.

There are some informal methods to track your AdSense Clicks using some JS code – an example is this. But now Google is formally asking AdSense Publishers to give them feedback on the kind of reports you would like to see and which report is more helpful you to track your AdSense in Google Analytics.

Where to give your feedbacks?

Google is having a group for the Google Analytics users and they started a new thread for collecting feedbacks from Google AdSense Publishers. You can join there and give your valid thoughts and suggestions to them.

A Word from the Author:

This is a nice move from Google and the need for an accurate analytics method to track the AdSense Clicks was actually increased into a volume which they can’t ignore further more. Hopefully we can hope for a nice way to track the AdSense Clicks and thus better optimizing them to increase the revenue.

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