Google Adwords Adds Weekly Reports

After a long time waiting, they finally decided to add Weekly Reports to the Report Center for Adwords. It’s a nice step as it allows you to verify the trends in a reasonable lengthy time period, instead of getting a vague idea using the Monthly Reports. As they said, “When daily data is too specific and monthly data too broad, weekly may be just right.”

How to set the Adwords Weekly Reports?

Depending on which day your week starts, you can alter the Starting day of your Reports. Weekly report views provide data about how your ads are performing during the course of a user-defined weekly period (i.e. Sunday to Saturday, Monday to Sunday, etc.). By default, a week is defined as Monday through Sunday, but you can alter it in the “Week Definition” Menu.

The detailed steps for setting your Adwords Weekly Reports are given here.

A Word from the Author:

Even though this feature came in a little late, but as we says better than never always. I am not sure what on earth made them not having this Weekly Reports option before itself, since it could be the most useful reporting option among the others. With a daily report you can’t evaluate the trend and a monthly reporting will be time consuming as well as a wide trend. Most of the people like to evaluate the Weekly Reports for their Adwords account, since that enables clear idea within a reasonable period of time. This saves their Money and Time both.

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