Display Full URL in Referring Source Report for Google Analytics

Yesterday I was looking into my Google Analytics and trying to dig more about advanced reports for my sites. Then I found that in the Referring Source report, it is not complete at the first instance. It’s only showing the Referring Domain name instead of showing exactly from which page it is referring/linked. I knew it will be somewhere there itself, but actually didn’t try it before to dig more.

I use ClickTracks for my advanced Web Analytics and track the Google Analytics Reports for instant looks about the trends for my sites. So I never paid much attention about looking more about the advance reporting capability of Google Analytics. So when I found that at first it only shows the Referring Domain instead of the referring page, felt interesting.

I did a search in Google to see whether people are actually worried about this and saw some of the posts asking helps for the same concern in major webmaster/seo forums.

Fortunately when I checked the Analytics Blog, today they’d a post exactly talking about the same issue and that’s really felt as a mere coincidence.

What is a Referring Source?

For those who all missed the post about Referring Sources – Tracking Visitor Details for your Websites, please read it here.

How to view the full URL in Referring Source for Google Analytics?

As I told you in the beginning itself, Google Analytics only shows the Referring Domain details while you click on the Marketing Optimization > Visitor Segment Performance > Referring Source report. To view the Exact Referring Source page, you can follow the steps explained below:

  1. In the Marketing Optimization > Visitor Segment Performance > Referring Source report, click on the red button containing two “up” arrows, located to the left of any referring source in the data table. You will see the “Analysis Options” table.
  2. referring source page

  3. Choose “Cross Segment Performance” and then you will see a drop down menu.
  4. Choose to cross segment the entry by “Content.”

This will display a new table with the Exact Referring Source page URLs and the visits, Goal details. One more important note is that, you can’t view the Dynamic URLs query parameters (anything followed by a ‘?’).

A Word from the Author:

Hope this tip will be useful to get exact Referring Source Pages linking to you and to evaluate the potential of each Referring Sources.

This will give you some ideas about where to concentrate for more visibility and benefits to your websites. From getting the exact reffering page information you can analyse the effectiveness of linking strategy with other sites, which can again help to evaluate ROI more deeper.

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