FeedBurner Temporarily Stopped Counting from Rojo

Yesterday, I was wondering about what happened to my FeedBurner Reports. It was showing major up and down for some days on the Subscribers Report from last couple of weeks. I posted about this at my favorite SEO forum and as always, I got my Solution. Major thanks to Jake Parrillo from FeedBurner Publisher Services Team, who helped me to find out the reason behind.

Seeing any Major changes in your FeedBurner Subscribers Report?

As I said, the fluctuations were huge in my Subscriber Report from last two weeks and from 150-160 range to 20-30. In the below screenshot you can see the exact report.

FeedBurner Subscriber report(Click to view the enlarged version)

The Reason behind the FeedBurner Dance?

As per one of the support links pointed by Jake Parrillo, FeedBurner temporarily disabled tracking the subscribers count from Rojo, due to some bug at their end.

Rojo is aware of the issue and is working on it. Once the fix is in place and the numbers are accurate, we will resume including Rojo in the Subscribers report under your “Analyze” tab. – FeedBurner

A Word from the Author:

Major part of my visitors are using ROJO as it says, and I wonder is that represent the Global share of them? If yes, there must be loads wondering about the same as I did. So this post is for them who are seeking an answer to “what happened to my Feeds Subscribers?” Hope you got the answer, thanks to Jake Parrillo and SEORefugee once more.

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